The Zero Card
The Zero Card is about “things gothic, the occult, fetishism, and related subjects.”

Current Issue

Volume 3, Number 4, April 2002!!
Theme: April Fool’s Day
Tarot Card: Two of Pentacles (Minor Arcana)
Cover Price: $100† (plus applicable taxes)

†April Fool’s! Actually, this newsletter is provided to you free of monetary charge, subject to certain conditions...
(in other words, NO money!)



The Zero Card  is currently available at the following locations in Toronto:
  —  Nine of Cups Cafe, Queen St. West near Lansdowne/Jameson
  —  The Purple Pentacle, Queen St. West @ Spadina
  —  He & She Clothing, Queen St. East near Sherbourne
  —  Heretic, Queen St. West @ Spadina
  —  the Fireball Coffee'n'Arts House in Sault Ste. Marie
(While I still have to speak to the proprietors, I hope to have it available at other locations in and out of town. If you are a proprietor or employee of a store or cafe and would be agreeable to having The Zero Card in your location, please e-mail me about it.)

For people not able to get to one of these outlets, you can obtain a copy of The Zero Card  through snail (postal) mail by sending a stamped, self-addressed envelope to Badinage Publications, and we'll send it to you right away! If you want a SUBSCRIPTION to The Zero Card,  just send us a bunch of stamped, self-addressed envelopes! Send an e-mail to Mike Jourard for details.


Submissions and Contributions

Any submissions of stories, articles, poems, or artwork for The Zero Card  is greatly appreciated.

Themes for 2002 — These are the themes for upcoming issues.
Assignment Desk — These are some of the articles we are looking for.

DEADLINE for submissions is the 15th of the month preceding publication. (eg. deadline for the April issue is March 15th.)


The Archives

The following pages list the articles that appeared in each issue.

Volume 1: 2000 — The First Year of Publication!!
Volume 2: 2001 — The New Millennium!!
Volume 3: 2002 — The Phœnix Rises!!

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