Getting to Know You

     The following questions were asked during a series of messages between me and Susan, a woman in New Jersey who replied to the advertisement I had placed in back in February, 1995.

  1. What's your all-time favorite Animaniacs! episode?
  2. What's your shoe size?
  3. How old are you?
  4. What do you look like?
  5. What part of the world do you live in?
  6. What was it about the original message that prompted you to reply?
  7. What is your favorite color?
  8. What is your favorite color of bed sheets?
  9. Have you ever had sex in the shower? Do you want to?
  10. If you were an Animaniac!, which character best describes you?
  11. What do you do for a living, if anything?
  12. Besides Animaniacs!, what is your favorite TV show?
  13. How many episodes of Animaniacs! do you have on video?
  14. If you have one, what is your all-time favorite movie?
  15. What color of underwear are you wearing right now?
  16. Have you ever made love in the woods? Do you want to?
  17. What did you do for excitement last weekend?
  18. When are you going to come to visit me?
  19. What kind of music do you listen to most often?
  20. Do you workout or engage in formal exercise?
  21. Do you drink tea? Do you drink coffee? Do you prefer tea or coffee?
  22. Do you drink alcohol? Do you drink a lot? Do you drink like a fish?
  23. Do you smoke? Do you smoke after sex?
  24. What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
  25. Do you ever watched porn videos? Do you want to?
  26. If you were going to make an Animaniacs! porn video, what would the plot be?
  27. Do you like to cook? Do you like to clean? Do you want to play house with me?
  28. Are you very religious?
  29. Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Communist Party?
  30. Are you now, or have you ever been, married? With Children?
  31. Do you like to dance?
  32. Who is your favorite actor?
  33. Who is your favorite actress?

If you would like to tell me more about yourself, then send me an e-mail message with your answers to the above questions. Please feel free to add questions of your own if you like.

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