Subject: Vote jokes
Date: 4 Nov 1995 18:42:52 GMT
From: (K Ford)
Newsgroups: alt.canadian.beaver

Joel Marshall ( wrote:
: May I suggest some jokes about the recent vote to secede in Quebec?
: I don't have any... just want to hear some

A little girl is in a kindergarten class at a school in Quebec. During 
sharing time she tells the teacher that her cat had four Separatist 
kittens. The teacher replied, "That's wonderful. Jacques Parizeau and 
Lucien Bouchard are coming to visit us tomorrow - you can tell them about 
your kittens."

The next day Jacques and Lucien arrive and are visiting with the 
children. She asks the little girl to tell Messieurs Parizeau and 
Bouchard her news. The little girl says, "My cat had four Federalist 
kittens." The teacher is greatly embarrassed and says to the little girl, 
"I thought you said yesterday they were Separatist kittens."

"Oui, teacher," replied the little girl, "But today they opened their eyes."
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